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John L. Ruffin

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The Color Purple

The Wiz


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Imitation of Life

Takin' Back My Name

John L. Ruffin


Premier playwright and film director, John Ruffin is a native Chicagoan. He was born on July 3, 1971, and began his career at the early age of twelve, directing a play consisting of his two brothers and two sisters and his parents for an audience. Having a natural love for the performing arts, Ruffin went on to gain a lead role in a children’s play,“The Emperor’s New Clothes” and “Aladdin” at Thornton Township High School in Harvey, Illinois. While in college, Ruffin took courses in theater. After attending play after play, Ruffin decided to step out on faith and in 1993, he wrote, directed and produced his first play, “Choose Ye This Day!,” thus starting his own company by the name of AGAPE Productions, Inc and John Ruffin Productions, Inc. He says, “There was a time where the set actually fell during a performance, but that did not stop the anointing that God set in the room and ten people got saved. It was then that I knew then that I was headed in the right direction.” After each performance, the number of people coming to Christ grew. It is Ruffin’s belief that a play doesn’t mean a thing unless the anointing is there and lives are changed. Other works accredited to Ruffin include: “I Won’t Go Back,” a biography about his former Pastor, the late L.T. Hutton, “It’s Too Good To Be True” and “We’re Dreaming of You, Selena”. Ruffin directed and produced a bi-weekly variety show, “Gospeltime, Live At The Legacy”. Others have sought Ruffin out for his talents as he has directed Imani Productions, “New Beginning…Startin’ All Over”, TJW Productions, “He Loves Me..He Loves Me Not” and he has also received calls to direct a Shakespearean piece, “The Age of Othello” (written by Anthony Norman) and “Trouble Don’t Last Always”. Ruffin has also written many skits for churches around the Chicago land area for Christmas, Easter and youth events. Recently, Ruffin has also received an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Fine Arts.

Ruffin showcased his God-given writing skills of Gospel hit Stage Plays, “Love Me and Leave Me” and “The Other Woman”, “All for Love”, “No More Sheets”, “Mr. Right Now or Mr. Wrong Later”, “The Ideal Husband, and “All My Single Ladies “, all which have sold out across the nation. Ruffin has secured his productions nationally via DVD and on network television. Ruffin also added to his repertoire his production of Broadway hits, “Dreamgirls”,“The Color Purple” and “Black Nativity” and has penned his own off-Broadway production, Fannie Hurst’s “Imitation of Life”, that sold out in its opening month in Chicago.

Stage Plays

All My Single Ladies

Love Me or Leave Me

Mr. Right Now or Mr. Wrong Later

The Ideal Husband

All  For Love

Motown in Chitown

Oldies But Goodies

No More Sheets


Love Me or Leave Me

Love Me Or Leave Me combines hilarious comedy, true-to-life drama and rousing song that underscore the play’s themes of responsibility and forgiveness. Cynthia Wyatt (Evans) is a troubled teen who abandons her fraternal twin infants, leaving her mother (Murdock) to raise the children. Now, 20 years later, one of the twins (Neal) is an attorney set to marry the man of her dreams (Keyes); the other (Payne) is an unemployed man-child. Both have issues. When Cynthia returns out of the blue, hoping to reclaim her place in their lives, no one is spared the soul-searching that ensues.

The Ideal Husband

A couple is joyously expecting their first child, but a secret from the husband's past threatens to destroy their happiness. Tracey (Shanti Lowry, BET’s The Game), soon to be a new mother, is overjoyed at finally being able to have a child and prepares for a visit from her family for a big celebration. Her husband Devin (Darrin Dewitt Henson, Stomp The Yard, Soul Food), sidelined from the NFL due to a football injury, is also elated while physically working to build up his strength to return to the game. Their world, despite their financial hardships, is a happy one until Tracey receives a visitor at her beauty shop that reveals a past indiscretion that makes her question, if her world is as happy and stable as she believes.

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